Business trip to Qatar

Jane , sales Manager from T&Y Hardware started to business trip in Qatar from 28th of Jun till 4 th of Jul ,Due to we we have several customers from this market for many years ,it is a better way to know each other .
Hereby some feedback from Jane
Firstly , though Qatar is small ,while due to Would Cup project are in Construction, really big opportunities for hardware industries ,All pending projects are in processing , we believe there will […]


Spring nuts Strut Nut– Do you want to know about this ?

【 PRODUCT SPEC】Spring nuts ,Channel nuts ,Strut Nuts 
*  COATING:Zinc Plated 、HDG。
*  Style :Nuts without spring , Spring nuts with long Spring 、Spring nuts with short Spring。
* Application :Effective fixing of fittings to channel steel for various specifications of channel steel。

*  The position can be arbitrarily adjusted on the channel steel, and the horizontal position is maintained. The improved steel channel lock has anti-slipping function and is safe and reliable.。
◎  Carbon steel
◎  SS 304/316 , A2/A4 , SS 304L /SS 316L
【STYLE […]


Fin neck bolts,Carriage Bolts – What Do You Know About Them?

All of us know what bolts are. These are the parts used for fastening two or more materials. There is a huge variety of fasteners or bolts today. Different types of bolts have their own set of properties, advantages, and areas of application. One such widely used type of bolt is a carriage bolt. These bolts are also referred by the name coach bolt. Just like other bolts, the carriage bolts can be of various types. What are these […]

Special head bolts ,SS socket head bolts

Why LUBRICATE Stainless Steel fasteners?

You may ask yourself why should there be a need to apply lubrication to Stainless Steel Fasteners? After all they are Stainless, they should not need lubrication, they will not corrode. This section of the website attempts to explain why lubrication should be used to prevent two seperate possible issues, the possible results of not doing so and how this need has arisen. The intention is not to try and confuse or over complicate the issues, just attempt to […]


Which type of steel is used in bolts?

Stainless steel and low carbon steel hex bolts. Any steel with a high yield strength can be used, but series 4xxx low carbon steel and series 4xx tempered martensitic steel are widely used.

It depends where we are using that bolt
For rough and tough use hight tensile 10.8
For regular industrial general use c45 or En8
And lastly for general use where grading and performance is not the important factor, can use directly Mild steel

Mostly low carbon steel. There are different grades […]


What are the disadvantages of hex bolts?

Stainless steel and low carbon steel hex bolts . Any steel with a high yield strength can be used, but series 4xxx low carbon steel and series 4xx tempered martensitic steel are widely used.
they are higher profile than other types of fasteners. Also, the tools used to tighten them generally take up more room. They require either a wrench (needs a significant amount of space), or a socket (still can be tricky to fit in tight spaces). Lastly, any […]


Bolts and nuts cargo waiting for loading

Bolts and Nuts cargo finished ,waiting for loading , hard time for fasteners industry ,what we do is try our best
Our Common Package: Bulk in 25kg Carton. Then in 900kg Pallet.  We can also accept customized.
Our Mainy Product range :Metal Structural Industry: Industry Bolts:  Hex bolts ,Hex cap A325,A490 heavy hex bolt; Hex lag screw ,Hex flange BoltsIndustry Nuts :Hex nuts ,square Nuts ,Spring Nuts,T Nuts ,Special Nuts
High guardrail hardareStainless steel fasteners


APM Exhibition show feedback

Shanghai T&Y Hardware Industry Co.,Ktd ending in 14-16 th Mar APM show in Sinagore ,USA,Really Great success , We believe our East-Aisa market will bigger and bigger . Now sharing you some pic for show .
Our Boss Jane ,together with Ycho,Wendy   our sales representative  together with our customers



Do you know the quality defects of the screw ?

Screws in the production process, often because of machine problems or staff negligence caused a variety of quality defects, we often share the screws often encountered quality problems.
1. Screw head deformation, playing crooked head. The possible reason is a bad punch screw installation and improper transfer machine.
2. The head of the screw is not round. The reason is that the choice of a die for a screw die is not adequate or a punch is not full enough.
3 screws […]


Do you know the five main features of self-tapping screws?

Self-tapping screws than the average screw to use some of the more advanced, self-tapping screw drilling without tapping holes, with the screw and the general difference, the first is sharp, tooth pitch is relatively large, and no wire tapping a bit Like, you can screw directly into without tapping, metal and plastic usually use this method. There are many kinds of self-tapping screws, but all of them have the same features. There are mainly five major features.
1, usually made […]


How to deal with fastener burrs?

    Fastener burr refers to the very tiny microscopic metal particles on the surface of fasteners, the particles we have become burr.
How fastener glitches occur when fasteners are cut, ground, milled, and other similar chips are formed. In order to improve the serviceability and service life of fasteners, it is necessary to remove the fastener burrs before using the fasteners. Fasteners are the most commonly used parts on mechanical equipment, but also important parts, so the surface, acute […]