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Do you know the five main features of self-tapping screws?

Self-tapping screws than the average screw to use some of the more advanced, self-tapping screw drilling without tapping holes, with the screw and the general difference, the first is sharp, tooth pitch is relatively large, and no wire tapping a bit Like, you can screw directly into without tapping, metal and plastic usually use this method. There are many kinds of self-tapping screws, but all of them have the same features. There are mainly five major features.
1, usually made of carburized steel (99% of the total product). Can also be made of stainless steel or non-ferrous metals.
2, the product must be heat treated. Carbon steel self-tapping screws must be carburized, stainless steel self-tapping screws must be solid solution hardened. To make self-tapping screws to meet the standard requirements of the mechanical properties and performance.
3, the product surface hardness, core toughness. That is, “soft inside and outside just.” This is a major feature of self-tapping screw performance requirements. Such as the surface hardness is low, not screwed into the matrix; If the core toughness is poor, a twist off, can not be used. Therefore, “just outside the soft outer” is self-tapping screws to meet the performance requirements.
4, the surface of the product surface protection are required, the general plating. Some products require phosphate treatment (phosphating). Such as: wall self-tapping screws are mostly phosphating.
5, using cold heading technology production. Recommended high-speed cold heading machine and high-speed thread rolling machine or high-speed planetary rolling machine production to ensure product quality. This production of self-tapping screw head molding, thread quality.

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